Michele's Record

"We are making real progress in Erie County, but our work is not done yet. That is why I am continuing my fight to deliver real reform and much needed relief to Middle Class families and seniors."

About Michele

Michele Iannello was first elected to the County Legislature in 2005. Before entering public service, Michele worked as a Real Estate Paralegal and was also a small business owner/operator. Since being elected to the Legislature Michele has lead the effort for reform, to make county government leaner and greener, and to hold the line on taxes and spending.

A Different Approach to Government

Michele Iannello has always taken a different approach to government. After becoming a County Legislator she formed the County's first District-wide Improvement Initiative. Michele has brought together community leaders, business owners and elected officials to create a vision for the 10th Legislative District. They meet monthly, discussing common sense solutions to achieve that goal.

A Leader for Reform

Michele Iannello was elected in 2005 to help clean up the financial mess of the past County Executive. The voters demanded change, and Michele has sponsored a series of legislation aimed at making County Government more transparent, open and accountable. Michele continues to fight for reform, with the passing of a law that she sponsored aimed at cleaning out pork and patronage from county contracts. She is continuing the fight for term limits for the Legislature and County Executive.

Making a Leaner, Greener County Government

As the leader of the County Legislature’s Green Actions Community Committee, Michele Iannello has been a key advocate of energy saving measures.

Michele co-sponsored laws that require all County owned buildings and appliances meet energy efficient cost saving standards. Michele also wrote and passed a measure that reduces energy consumption by turning off County computers to save the taxpayers approximately $500,000 yearly. She has been leading the charge to protect the health of local residents by calling for the removal of the Grand Island tolls and retrofitting local industrial plants to reduce cancer-causing pollution.

Agenda for Middle Class Relief

Times are tough for the Middle Class and seniors in Western New York, which is why Michele’s top priority in the Legislature is to make things easier for Middle Class families and our Senior Citizens.

Michele's agenda includes:

  • Roll back the Collins Tax Hike
  • Root out wasteful spending and excessive borrowing
  • Make WNY more business friendly and help small businesses succeed
  • Create new jobs and protect the ones we have
  • Improve our communities' quality of life

Holding the line on taxes and spending

Michele has been through tough times in her life, working two jobs just to put food on the table. She understands that families cannot afford the current taxes. That is why Michele has never voted for a tax increase and has been a leader in the Legislature to get spending under control. She knows that when times are tight you need to reduce spending not raise taxes.